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One World Award Festive Luncheon

The Countdown has begun…OWA is around the corner

owa_panel_0.jpgChair, Pauline Mitchell and her team is working feverishly to get invitations out to all who need them to ensure a table or seat at the upcoming Festive Luncheon, March 11, 2018, at Michael’s on East.

This year’s award winners both have seen their visions developed into concrete actions and performances. Kate Alexander has staged more than 50 plays. She launched Florida Studio Theatre’s (FST) Education Program which offers children and adults opportunities to discover their creativity, with over 20 classes weekly. She also pioneered the annual “Write-A-Play” program that encourages elementary and high school students to write plays which are then performed by FST actors.  It is through this program that Kate’s impact on our Sister Cities is in full view. SCAS is currently organizing a global training conference here in Sarasota for Sister Cities Teachers to prepare for the “Write-A-Play” program.

While the relationship with Kate and FST has been percolating over the years, our relationship with Second Chance Last Opportunity is new and promises to be filled with opportunities

April Glasco, founder of the organization believes in the “power of second chances”. Ms. Glasco says, “We’ve all had someone pick us up when we were down and give us a chance when no one else would.” and working with a variety of clients including young adults, elder adults, families, and young mothers, Second Chance Last Opportunity (SCLO) takes a holistic approach to increasing the self-awareness and life skills of its clients.  

Ms. Glasco, turned a convenience store that she purchased in Sarasota’s Newton community into part-counseling center part-training center. Encouraging words are written throughout the building, and there is low tolerance for bad attitudes inside the walls of April’s office.

Personal coaching, group counseling, skill development, and peer intervention are all “tools” in April’s “bag of tricks”. That, plus her insanely optimistic nature make her an inspiration to our community.

Entertainment at this year’s luncheon will include a performance from the Sarasota Cuban Ballet, under the direction of Ariel Serrano, CEO, President and Co-Artistic Director. Along with his wife, Wilmian Hernandez, they are the driving force behind this local classical ballet school. Their students have moved on to well-known troupes including, the Royal Ballet, Dance Theatre of Harlem, and Boston Ballet.

One of the characteristics of Sarasota Sister Cities’ members is their love of travel. At our February Monthly Luncheon, we are trying something new. We are turning the spotlight on the members for this interactive session moderated by Toni Duval and Kenney DeCamp.

Invite Your Friends and Honor Two of Sarasota’s Finest

We hope you received your invitation to our organization’s signature eventShare ”Sarasota Sister Cities Fever” with your friends and colleagues.  For more information, contact Pauline Mitchell - 941-485-5199.




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