Sister Cities Association of Sarasota

Citizen Diplomats—Carving a Path toward Peace since 1963

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Become a Citizen Diplomat with Sister Cities of Sarasota, the active international arm of the Cultural  Coast of Florida. Participate in person-to-person exchanges with eight Sister Cities across the globe in the areas of tourism, the arts, education, business, language, medical, sports, civic involvement and government. 

The Sister City program was the vision of President Dwight Eisenhower who, having seen first-hand

the ravages of World War II, created the people-to-people program of citizen diplomacy in 1956. Sarasota formalized its first sister in 1963.

Working outside the realm of government, but with its support, to create a wealth of lasting friendships—one at a time—to foster world peace.

If you prefer to mail in your membership application,  download our brochure and membership application and print it out.

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